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Software and services I endorse

Esta página tem uma versão em português. (This page has a Brazilian Portuguese counterpart.)

I am into computers since 1985, when I was 10 years old. I am a programmer and I understand quite a bit of hardware, yet above all I am a "power user", I know how to hack (in the original sense) and find the stuff that works best and that ends up being more practical. I am also quite conservative. That is, I need to test something for a long time, and be called to attention repeatedly through comments in text or in person, before I switch from a good and proven piece of software to a new one. In other words, I am not a neophile.

Some people ask me why I chose Firefox instead of Chrome — for my personal use, Chrome doesn't t work. I've tried it for quite a while. When many tabs are open it does consume less RAM than Firefox, and javascript is undoubtedly faster on it on any situation, but it seems to become rather unstable with my pattern of use. Maybe it's the built in Adobe Flash. Lately I have been a combination of Vivaldi (which uses the Chrome engine) and Firefox. I use Vivaldi for Facebook and YouTube only — and not because they work better on it, but to free resources on Firefox. This way, when one of these becomes unresponsive or is loading something, I just alt-tab.

I have a PC, a Hackintosh and two Raspberry Pies. I used to share keyboard, mouse and clipboard between them all with Synergy, but now I use a KMV between the Hackintosh and the PC, since I rarely use the Hackintosh. The pies run OSMC, and one of them Deluge. OSX is clearly superior for two activities only: recording and editing of audio and video. It also has a superior font rendering engine1And original Macs come with a very good and calibrated screen (with the PC you need to buy a good one a carefully calibrate it yourself; I had to do that for my Hackintosh also). Besides that, for almost any other task, I must say, o Windows (7 or 10) has the edge. In particular the Finder is pure garbage when compared with Explorer: in tasks such as copying, moving etc.—that is, things you do when you have a big collection of files.

If you want to make a suggestion and see if it passes my editorial criteria, write

Services and websites

XKCD (geek cartoons)
Abstruse Goose (geek cartoons)
WTF with Marc Meron (podcast with interviews)
Sci-hub (news aggregator)
Arstechnica (hipsterisms)
Boing-boing (geek news and novelties)
Open Culture (Cult video/audio)
Brain Pickings (interestingnesses)
Nautilus (interestingnesses)
Aeon (interestingnesses)
Motherboard (left, activism)
Medium (easy publication platform)
Hack a Day (eletrônica)
Sci Combinator (most fashionable scientific papers)
Sci-hub (Russian cracked paid papers for free)
Hacker News (geek news integrator)

Zennioptical (prescription glasses directly from Hong Kong)
DX (Dealextreme, Chinese gadget novelties)
Book Depository (free worldwide shipping)

The Pirate Bay (torrents)
Demonoid (torrents)
TorrentDay (torrents, private)
RU Tracker (in russian, but you can find things you can not find on TPB)

Ebookee (pirated e-books)
Avaxhome (pirated e-books and others)
Mobilism (pirated e-books and mobile software)
Libgen (pirated e-books and scientific articles)

Simplenote (cloud txts)
Pastebin (cloud txts)
Linguee (translation)
Opensubtitles (subtitles)

Youtube to mp3

Lastpass (password manager)

Windows Software

VLC (player)
Kodi (player and media library)

uTorrent (torrent client)

Audacity (sound recorder)
CamStudio (to record tutorials)
Irfanview (fast image editor)

Firefox (browser)
Httrack (to download whole websites)

Thunderbird (email client)

Dropbox (files on the cloud)
Resophnotes (for simplenote)
Pastebin Desktop (for pastebin)

WordWeb Pro (English dictionary)
Calibre (to read and collect ebooks)
Oxford English Dictionary

PDFill PDF Tools
Briss (to crop PDF margins)
Foxit PDF Creator (PDF printer)

ABBYY Fine Reader (OCR)

Office 2010 BR
Adobe CC
NexusFont (font navigator/manager)

xplorer2 (Explorer substitute)
File Scavenger (deleted files recovery)
Duplicate Cleaner
MacDrive (reads partitions formatted with HFS)
TrueCrypt (encrypting tool)
Nero Burning ROM (only burning rom is any good)

Filezilla (FTP client)
WAMP (Apache, MySql, PHP)
EditPlus (code editor)

Windows 7

Firefox Plugins

μBlock Origins
Modify Headers
Bittorrent WebUi (sends torrent/magnet to be downloaded on another computer on local network)

Chrome Plugins

μBlock Origins
Play to Kodi (sends video to another computer running Kodi/plays it on TV)


Skitch (write on pictures)
RealCalc (scientific calculator)
Hacker News

Moovit (bus/subway info)

Sound Meter (measures sound in db)
Guitar Tuner
Audiobook player good for big sets of audio files you need to go through in a few days.

Remote for VLC
XBMC Remote

uTorrent Remote
Transdrone (manage torrents being downloaded on other devices)



Subs Factory

X-lossless Decoder
Logic Pro (recording and mastering multitrack audio)
Amplitube (amp and effect modeling for guitar)
Melodyne (fix tunings)

Calibre (to read and collect ebooks)

Parallels Desktop
Office 2011
Adobe CS5
OS X Lion

Hated software

On the top of the list of bloatware and binary garbage is iTunes. What a piece of utterly disgusting software. It was not for iTunes, I might even consider buying some Apple product. Please don't recommend me anything with the name Nero that is not the plain CD/DVD/Blu-ray burner: all the rest is just ca-ca. It's all too easy to criticize stuff such as Yahoo (99% of it) or Internet Explorer. Dreamweaver, from the Adobe package, is also annoying software, to say the least. Ah, I was almost forgetting: Occupy Flash!

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1. ^ And original Macs come with a very good and calibrated screen (with the PC you need to buy a good one a carefully calibrate it yourself; I had to do that for my Hackintosh also).

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