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Esta página tem uma versão em português. (This page has a Brazilian Portuguese counterpart.)

Aiming to decrease the use of Facebook (both mine and other's), I have started an e-mail newsletter. It will be sent at a minimum periodicity of one a week (probably less than that). In the newsletter I will promote my work and aswer a few questions.

Just fill the form to subscribe to the newsletter. (If you find any issues, send an e-mail to telling me that you want to receive the newsletter.)



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Padma Dorje

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Activism: causes and and principles I stand for

A list of ideas, institutions and companies I disapprove of and try my best to boycott.
Papo de Homem

Como aprendi inglês

Reminiscências sobre meu aprendizado da língua durante as décadas de 80 e 90, quando o material em inglês não era tão facilmente acessível.

A Review of the Madhyamaka
Course by Alex Trisoglio

Recently, a student of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Alex Trisoglio, presented the internet general public with a course on the Madhyamakavatara by Chandrakirti. Here some words on the course, and a particular discussion I had with Mr. Trisoglio.

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