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Quotes by Tulku Thondup

To be mindful doesn’t mean to become emotionally intense or to stir up hosts of concepts in order to watch what we are thinking or doing. On the contrary, the mind is relaxed and calm, and therefore sharply aware of every event as it is, without conceptual and emotional struggle.


When we notice that our mind is wandering, we should gently but firmly bring ourselves back to the present and to what we are doing.


Every mother-being wants to be happy, just as a thirst-tormented person wants water. Most beings, however, have no idea how to secure happiness. Confused, they grasp at anything that they think will be rewarding. But they go about it in the wrong way — through grasping, attachment, obsession, or aggression. At best, they are chasing rainbows. At worst, they end up hurting themselves, like someone who tries to lick honey off the sharp edge of a knife.


If we lack peace of mind, then what good does it do us to have youth, beauty, health, wealth, education, and worldly power?

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