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Quotes by Traleg Kyabgom Rinpoche

We can resist all the temptations regarding our delusional experiences: false notion of the self, clinging to our experience of pain and suffering, and chasing after ephemeral things. The best way to resist these things comes from teaching ourselves to have some kind of confidence in ourselves.

Even though we may not have experienced a glimpse of Buddha-nature and may not even understand the concept very well, if we teach ourselves to think we are different within ourselves - we are not this person given to bouts of depression and greediness, we do not need to cultivate a false sense of self-worth or a false self-perception. The best way to do this is to say to yourself, 'In my true nature, there is a tremendous sense of richness. There is a buried treasure in me in the depth of my being. I have a lot of resources. I have capabilities, abilities and capacities that are not being exploited because I have been under the influence of primordial ignorance and have failed to appreciate the resources present within me.


We think that the ego is something real and something that is indubitable, whereas we have to realize that ego is also something that we perpetually construct. The more egocentric we become the less satisfaction we have with ourselves. Through meditation, we begin to realize that by not engaging in such emotional games and so forth, we can actually be totally satisfied without being egocentric.


Normally we think our happiness is contingent upon external circumstances and situations, rather than upon our own inner attitude towards things, or towards life in general. The Buddha was saying that with this approach, dissatisfaction is part of life, even if we are seeking happiness and even if we manage to find temporary happiness. The very fact that it is temporary means that sooner or later the happiness is going to pass. So the Buddha said that unless we understand this and see how pervasive the whole idea of dissatisfaction is and how pervasive dukkha is, it is impossible for the individual to start looking for real happiness.


Immediately join whatever you meet with meditation

This slogan refers to the practice of transforming adverse circumstances and situations into the path of awakening. It is a reminder not to respond to things in a habitual way, but rather to respond with understanding, openness, and courage by maintaining a sense of awareness. We shouldn’t think of meditation as something we only do if we’re sitting on a cushion, but should treat everyday situations as meditations by focusing our mind on whatever arises. There’s nothing we can’t utilize for our own and others’ benefit if we use both fortunate and unfortunate circumstances to train the mind.


From the cradle to the grave, other people do things for us, even if we think we are neglected and unloved.

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