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Quotes by Kangyur Rinpoche

Focusing on all sentient beings, practice the four boundless qualities: love, which is the wish that they be happy; compassion, the wish that they be free from suffering; sympathetic joy, which is to feel happy when they are happy; and impartiality, which is to treat them impartially as equals, without attachment or aversion.


3 Types of Patience

Patience is essentially the ability to bear with suffering. It is the fertile soil in which the flowers of Dharma can grow and spread their perfume of good qualities. Encircling these flowers like a protective fence are the three kinds of patience.

The first is the patience to bear the sufferings and difficulties that occur while one is striving for the twofold goal: Buddhahood for one’s own sake and the accomplishment of the welfare of others;

The second kind of patience is the ability to put up with the injuries that others might inflict;

While the third kind is the ability to confront, without fear or apprehension, the doctrine of emptiness and other profound teachings.


There is no other difficult practice equal to patience - not getting angry with someone who harms you, and even if you do get angry, not remain­ing so. It is the ultimate austerity. Therefore do not allow yourself even the slightest occasion for anger, which is incompatible with such a sublime austerity as patience.


“I will be sick, I will grow old, I will die, I will be separated from those I love, my relations and so forth. In such manner, the fully ripened effect of my actions will come to me and to no one else, and I am therefore not above depending on what I did in former lives.”

To think like this again and again is the antidote to such things as arrogance. Make every effort not to become arrogant by meditating on this antidote

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