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Quotes by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Most people never question their day-to-day experiences. They accept whatever is felt and perceived as real. Without examining anything we will never penetrate beyond this illusion to see the actual state of affairs. Instead, we will regard everything that is impermanent as being permanent, what is unreal as being real. What an unfortunate, superficial and mistaken way of perceiving things!


There´s no greater foolishness than to spend one's lifetime acknowledging that one is deluded and yet doing nothing whatsoever about it.


In the world these days, there is good education, economical development, many technologies. But what do we lack in the world? We lack kindness, love, and respect. Kindness brings peace to the heart. Kindness is antidote to all negative emotions. Kindness keeps away stress and depression. Kindness helps to get along with everyone.


The real benefit of studying the Buddha’s teachings and the statements of enlightened masters is to be inspired to change the way we think, speak and behave, which will make us more civil, gentle and peaceful. When we thoroughly investigate the value of the meaning presented, it becomes obvious that we can become free - each and every one of us. This confidence is achieved through understanding, and understanding is a result of thinking the teachings over. We do not need to let the teachings remain as mere words or ideas - we can put them to use in our own experience. This is how buddhanature can be revealed, since it is already present in every one of us. That is why I encourage you to study, reflect on, and personally apply the teachings.


While you are alive, don't make anyone angry. When you die, don't be attached to anything.


People tend to plan their Dharma practice, and especially like to dream of making a long retreat. We plan how the retreat hut should look, its shape and where it should be positioned; we plan the time to start our retreat, maybe one, two or three years from now. It is very easy to make such plans, but it is more difficult for these plans to become reality. Therefore, it is more realistic to engage in Dharma practice today, right this moment, not tomorrow or next year. Practice now in whatever situation is at hand. Otherwise, your life can easily run out while planning to practice later. Do not make long-term plans.


If we think of ourselves as cattle with ropes hanging from our noses, Dharma practitioners hold that rope in their own hands, whereas ordinary people are controlled by others.


Caso nos imaginemos como gado, com uma corda nos prendendo pelo nariz, os praticantes do Darma são aqueles que seguram esta corda nas próprias mãos, enquanto as pessoas comuns são controladas pelos outros.


Resolve the view definitively! Refine the practice repeatedly!


If there is the genuine view, the pure view, then all of the ten negative actions will be abandoned naturally.

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