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Quotes by Chatral Rinpoche

You might remain sealed in strict retreat for months or even years,
But if you fail to make any progress in the state of your mind,
Later, when you tell everyone about all that you did over such a long time,
Aren’t you just bragging about all of the hardships and deprivation?


I am sorry, there is nothing special about me and I have nothing to teach you. Please go elsewhere for teachings.
from “Compassionate Action”, page 6


There is no better sign of accomplishment than a disciplined mind. This is true victory for the real warrior who carries no weapons.


If you lack the wealth of contentment in your mind,
You’ll think you need all kinds of useless things,
And end up even worse than just an ordinary person,
Because you won’t manage even a single session of practice.
So set your mind on freedom from the need for anything at all.


If you don’t reflect on death and impermanence,
There’ll be no way to practice Dharma purely.
Practice will remain an aspiration,
One that is constantly postponed.
And you may feel regret the day that death comes,
But by then it’s too late!



You won't be here for long, practise now without delay.
You are like a traveller in this life, don't build a castle where you are just resting a while.
No action will be of any help; put accomplishment into practice.
You never know when your body will become worm-fodder or simply disappear; don't get distracted by this life's appearances.


We abide nowhere, we possess nothing.


Pleasure-seeking practitioners who fail to turn their minds from this life’s concerns, cut their connection to the authentic Dharma. So take care to avoid becoming stubbornly immune to the teachings.


During this degenerate age in the outer world, there are many natural disasters due to the upsetting of the four elements. Also, demonic forces come with their many weapons to incite the fighting of wars. All of those forces have caused the world to come to ruin and led all to tremble - so terrified that their hair stands up on end. Still, the demonic forces find it necessary to come up with new types of weapons. If we were called on to confront them, there is no way we Dharma practitioners could defeat them. That is why we make supplication prayers to the three jewels, do the aspiration prayers, the offering prayers and the prayers of invocation. We are responsible for those activities. This is what I urge you to do.


There are three kinds of Dharma practitioners:

དང་པོ་དེ་ནི། ཕྱི་ཡི་རྣམ་པར་ཆོས་པ་ལྟར་སྣང་ཡང་ནང་ངོ་མ་ཆོས་པ་མིན།
Firstly, there are those who look like practitioners outwardly, but inwardly they are not real practitioners;

གཉིས་པ་དེ་ནི། ཁ་བཤད་ཆེ་ཡང་ཉམས་རྟོགས་གང་ཡང་མེད།
Secondly, they are those who talk very high, but have no realization at all;

གསུམ་པ་ནི། ཕྱི་ཡི་རྣམ་པ་ཆོས་པ་འདྲ་མེད་ཀྱང་ནང་དོན་དམ་གྱི་ཆོས་པ་ལྷད་མེད་གཅིག་ཡིན།
Thirdly, there are those who do not look like practitioners outwardly, but who are in fact genuine practitioners inside.


Without hoping to know all while missing what’s most important, I'll remain throughout my life within the understanding of the one thing that liberates all.


Turning us back from the road to the lower planes of existence,
It shows us the road to the higher planes of existence,
And leads to where there is no old age and death
To this bodhicitta, in homage I bow.
I bow to those who have given birth
To this most precious and sacred of minds,
Who bring bliss to even those who cause them harm.
In such sources of happiness, I take refuge.

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