Recitation: The King of Samadhis Sutra 01
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Recitation: The King of Samadhis Sutra 01

This a recitation for the first chapter of The King of Samadhis Sutra.

Equality of the nature of all phenomena

• Podcast download.

The King of Samadhis Sutra on 84000 (the Sutra's text at 84000)

Complete list of videos on the Big Tendrel YouTube Channel, with descriptions.

Dharma centers I recommend.

Activism: causes and principles I stand for

A list of ideas, institutions and companies I disapprove of and try my best to boycott.

Recitation: The King of Samadhis Sutra 04-05

This a recitation for the fourth and fifth chapters of The King of Samadhis Sutra.

Prayer upon awakening

On of the tracks of Voice of Tibet, a CD by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, translated and transliterated for recitation. It is actually the beginning portion of the famous Karma Lingpa cycle's ngondro, which quaint orientalists used to call “Tibetan Book of the Dead”.

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