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Quotes by Yangtang Rinpoche

Because of the Dharma, my mind was more free in prison than worldly people experience in the best of circumstances.
(Although innocent, he was imprisoned for 22 years by the Chinese Communists. He never had resentment, only compassion)


The realization of the nature of emptiness within which effortless compassion arises like heat arising from fire. Compassion is inherent in emptiness as an innate quality, and if one has realized emptiness it is simply impossible that compassion would not be there.


We are practicing Dharma as we are happily embracing the eight worldly concerns. But it is taught that such practice is not authentic Dharma, and it will not lead us to liberation.


What is the best wisdom? It is not to cling to anything whatsoever to be truly, inherently existent. It is to be without clinging to anything, including outer container-like universe, and the content-like sentient beings, stating that "This is this!" or "That is that!" or "This is enemy" and so on.

Everything is nothing but name. Isn't it? Form, sound, smell, and so on, we have to know that all these things are nothing but names, and that they do not truly, inherently exist. Also "I" or "Yangthang Tulku", these are nothing but names. I am actually not "Yangthang Tulku", as "Yangthang Tulku" is nothing but a name.

We should make the distinction between a thing and a name we label on that thing. It is not alright to see the thing and the name as identical. We need to understand that all phenomena do not really exist in this way — as they are nothing but names.

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